The right solution
for your product

We develop the right solutions for your product. According to your ideas and perfectly adapted to the respective operating situation. In a multi-level process, we evaluate your product with regard to its handling and usage, define relevant use-cases and develop valid concepts, which are then implemented in a prototype and end up as a product ready for large-scale production.

Always with the aim of using haptic vibration feedback to provide your product with added value that maintains and increases your competitiveness.


Research and analysis is always the first step of an innovative project. In this context, we analyse products and product ideas with regard to their user experience and usability potential, while researching the technical possibilities for implementation. Together with our clients we then search for solutions and develop basic concepts.


In this phase we check our concept with regard to its feasibility.

We develop various product-relevant use-cases which can be used to detect and eliminate logical breaks or inconsistencies in the developed operating concept.
Furthermore, we assess the researched technical options for the hardware and evaluate them with regard to their costs and benefits.


Hands on! is the motto here. Only the implementation shows whether a concept has substance.
This is why we implement our ideas as early as possible in the form of initial prototypical sample constructions.
With this, the final questions regarding usability and technical framework conditions can be clarified.
Furthermore, usability tests can be used to verify the market acceptance and expectations of potential users of the product.


On the basis of the knowledge gained in previous project phases, we further develop the original product concept and ultimately finalise it for production readiness. If necessary, there is a further proof of concept and/or further tests with adapted prototype sample constructions.