as a service

How can we assist you? When choosing the right haptic system? When implementing hardware and software? Or in the design of the haptic vibra feedback individually tailored to your brand  / product? We are available to you as a competent partner.

hardware design

Installation space is a valuable commodity, and in product development, the designing of electronic components and their combination quickly turns out to be an almost impossible puzzle to solve. We provide the best possible support for the integration of our actuators into your hardware and are not afraid to adapt our actuators in size and shape to your requirements. Constantly striving to make your product even better and to achieve the optimum vibration effect.

& control

It is the appropriate software and control system that enables the interaction of its individual components. We would be pleased to provide you with expert advice on the integration of our actuators or to develop the required firmware / software and control electronics completely.

brand design

With our actuators vibrations can be modelled freely and clearly differentiated.
Thus we are able to develop a cross-product haptic corporate or haptic brand design. Your brand as such is provided with a further unique characteristic, product functions are distinguished and recognisable for your clients and value classes can be experienced.